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Head of School's Welcome,
Bright Career School began its eventful journey in Purnea (Bihar) in the beginning of 21th century, an era of efficacious change and flourish for the city of Purnea.

The School is not only committed to provide the best education to the students, however to also bring the best humanity sense among the student which help them in shaping a best society because our belief is that only a well learnt human cannot become the idle unless he or she is not well enlighten.




Gautam Sinha
​Director / Head of School

Our School

In a short span of time, it has come to be acknowledged as one of the leaders of quality schooling in town. We believe that every child has a talent. His own strength, which if fostered in a caring environment and purposeful atmosphere will lead for the pursuit of academic excellence. We prepare each student for life with enduring values and conviction. We strive to turn out not just academically qualified individual but also complete human beings with a responsible, positive and sensitive approach to life. Mr Gautam Sinha, leads Bright Career, a name of synonymous with quality education in Bihar. A dynamic and multifarious personality, he has shaped the ideals of the institution. He is a visionary who believes that education is "Food for the Soul" of every individual; he plans to set this school like an international school. His ideas of discipline, compassion and adherence to culture make Bright Career a valuable place of learning.

Our Philosophy

Bright Career's mission is to provide students with an enriched and supportive educations that helps them to live and learn in a changing world. In a short span, Bright Career has risen to be the leader in quality education, successfully combining the traditional system of learning with innovative methods. It addresses the academic, physical, aesthetics and spiritual need of students.

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Our History

Bright Career School is a private, english secondary school. Founded by Shri Gautam Sinha in 1995, Bright Career has been co-educational since 2010. Located in Purnea, BR, Bright Career has a diverse community with students from varied cultural and economic backgrounds.

Our Objective

Bright Career focus on its key objective, to give you back a child who is knowledgeable and competent, fit and alert, responsible and sensible, capable of achieving a high level of personal happiness as well as contributing to the betterment of the family, the society and the nation at a large.

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