Bright Career School's Principal

THE SCHOOL'S MOTTO: "Inculcate, Cultivate. Nurture Educational values and Inner Discipline


I would say simply that Bright Career Exists, and has successfully done so in the past eighteen years, because, the cause of education, has been our unwavering and altruistic objective. To us your child is unique. We are committed to grooming your ward into a strong all round developed individual who will excel in academics, be participating in co-curricular activities and be well prepared for leadership and responsibility as a caring citizen. The aim of the school is to develop among its pupils, all around abilities, as individual as well as team-players, by exposing them to diverse field of activities be in athletics, performing and visual arts, Dance and Music. The school motto sends out a powerful message and explains the full essence of the purpose of our lives. We look forward to welcoming your child to Bright Career School.