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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Bright Career's modular schedule provides ample time for a rich and focused learning experience. Designed to support student engagement, individual attention, and a range of course selections, the schedule offers sufficient time for extensive field studies – real-world experiences beyond the classroom that reinforce deeper understanding of academic skills and concepts.

We as a school have always paid great attention to forming students according to their potential.

Discipline is the "core" word of Bright Career. For we believe a disciplined person can do and achieve a lot.

From time to time we take our students to see the remote areas and organize camps to help the needy. Inculcating values by making it mandatory for students to learn to respect their seniors and love their juniors.

Helping students to develop tolerance by allowing them to conduct and monitor programmes on special occasions. Sports and games helps them to learn that failure is as important as success.

Undoubtedly the basic work of every school is to focus on academics but apart from it there are certain other areas in which a lot is required to be done. We firmly believe that education can not be reduced merely to the purpose of obtaining a good job. Education should be value based and value education should be a part of the school curriculum.

Discipline is definitely the important thing. We focus on as it is very closely associated with every year.


Emblem of the school has an open book with sapling rising and grown up banyan tree with school initials of Bright Career. The open book stands for institutionalized learning; sapling symbolizes inquisitive young mind and tree for deep-rooted conviction rising high.

MOTTO: Remove Darkness. Lead us to Light!

The association for Academic Attainments, the founder's Board constitute the Governing Body consisting of prominent citizens of the town, people who are genuinely interested in education and in the all round development of the students irrespective of their social, religious and cultural background. The members of the body are all professionals in their own right belonging to a wide spectrum of society via: legal and medical practitioners, school and college teachers, business men, musicians, social workers and sportsmen. Matured and experienced as they are, function as the most appropriate guides for the Staff and students of the Bright Career.

Managing Committee & its members:

3 Parents of 3 Toppers

4 Senior citizens




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