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School Hours

Withdrawal, School Hours, and Principal's Office Hours

In addition to the rules and regulations outlined above, the school also has guidelines for withdrawal, school hours, and the principal's office hours.

Here are some important details:

  1. Before withdrawing a student from the school, a month's notice is to be given or a month's fee in lieu of notice.

  2. No school leaving certificate will be issued unless requested in writing by the parent and the dues are cleared.

  3. After taking new admission in any class, if a pupil is absent for 10 days continuously, their name will be struck off the rolls.

  4. Those who fail in LKG and UKG will not be allowed to continue in the school.

  5. None of the fees are refundable in case of withdrawal.

School Hours


(March to October)

7:40 AM to 1:20 PM


(November to February) 8:15 AM to 1:45 PM

Principal's Office Hours

9:30 AM to 10:30 PM

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