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Bright Career School takes pride in its exceptional boarding facilities that offer a comfortable and secure home away from home for our students. Our Boys Hostel and Girls Hostel have separate resident wardens, as well as supervisors and support staff, to ensure that our students feel cared for and supported at all times. While we understand that we cannot replace the love and care of their families, we are dedicated to creating a friendly and nurturing environment that helps our students thrive. New students are welcomed with open arms and find a warm and welcoming atmosphere created by our older students, residential teachers, and house masters. We take every measure to help your child settle in quickly and happily into their daily routine.

Our Hostels have 24-hour security and facility management to ensure the safety and comfort of our students. The administration and discipline of the Hostels are overseen by a faculty member who ensures that our rules and regulations are followed to maintain a respectful and harmonious living environment.

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