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Rules & Regulations

1. Punctuality is expected from all students.

2. Students must be dressed neatly in proper uniform, with polished shoes and tidy, well-groomed hair. Students with incomplete, untidy, dirty, or torn uniforms will be sent home without parental reference. P.T. uniforms must be worn once a week for P.T. classes. Long or dirty hair is not allowed.

3. If absent from class, students must have a reason entered into their regularity record. If the leave exceeds two days, it requires the principal's sanction and permission.

4. Absence from class for birthdays, marriages, feasts, and excursions is strongly discouraged.

5. Students are responsible for taking care of school property. Anyone caught damaging furniture, library books, laboratory and stage equipment, and sanitary fittings will face severe disciplinary action. Scribbling and writing on walls/furniture are strictly prohibited.

6. Continuous absence for 15 days or more without leave will be considered equivalent to the withdrawal of the student from the school. The student's name will be cut off from the rolls, and readmission may not be granted.

7. A medical certificate must be produced for absence due to a contagious or infectious illness.

8. Silence and order must be maintained while moving from one class to another.

9. Permission from the principal is required before raising funds, and staff members are not allowed to receive gifts.

10. Students must speak in English while on the school campus and outside if they are in B.C.S. Uniform.

11. Students should take good care of their books and personal belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil's name, admission number, and class.

12. Expensive items should not be brought to school as the school is not responsible for lost goods.

13. The school diary should be brought daily, and magazines, newspapers, etc., should not be brought to school.

14. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours or recess without explicit permission from the principal. Students will not be sent home even if there is an urgent need unless a duly authorized person comes to fetch them with a note of authority from the parents or guardian.

15. Children are expected to bring their own Tiffin for the noon recess.

16. Visiting and interviewing school staff by parents/guardians requires prior knowledge and consent from the principal.

17. Day scholars are not allowed to carry letters, parcels or engage in buying/selling activities for boarders.

18. Boarders must obtain written permission from parents, addressed to the Hostel Superintendent with a copy to the principal before visiting friends in town.

19. Failure to pay fees and dues for more than a month will result in students being barred from attending classes until the dues are paid.

20. Parents are required to deposit sufficient cash for extra expenditure such as stamps, envelopes, and pocket money. A monthly expenditure statement will be sent to them.

21. Parents must sign the student's Monday test report and regularity record, providing reasons for their children's absence. The school authorities may send remarks through this calendar, and parents are requested to do likewise regarding their children's progress. Any changes in address or phone number must be notified to the office, and parents must provide their specimen signatures for the reports.

22. Felling, damaging trees and plants, and plucking flowers are strictly prohibited, and students are not allowed on the gardens and embankments.

23. Smoking, stealing, and consuming tobacco by students will lead to immediate eviction from the school and/or hostel.

24. Visitors to the school must fill up meeting slips and wait until they are called by the Principal/Director.

25. All matters concerning students should be referred to the relevant authorities, and strict disciplinary action will be taken if these rules are not followed. Parents/Guardians are expected to be fully aware of the school's rules and regulations, and their cooperation is sought for the implementation of the above regulations.

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