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School Uniform

Looking your best and feeling your best can have a powerful impact on your attitude and outlook for the day ahead. That's why we take great pride in our school uniform, which sets the tone for a positive and productive day of learning. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • School uniform is mandatory for all students, so make sure you're dressed appropriately each day.

  • Our uniform is a symbol of school pride and should be treated with respect. Take pride in your appearance and wear your uniform with confidence.

  • Keep your uniform clean and tidy at all times. We want to present a neat and professional image to the world.

  • Jewelry is not allowed except for a simple earring for girls, and wristwatches are only permitted for students in class VI and upward.

  • Remember, your appearance matters! If you arrive at school improperly dressed, you will be turned away.

  • If a student repeatedly comes to school with an incorrect or dirty uniform, we will contact the parent to discuss the situation. If the problem persists, we may ask the parent to withdraw their child from the school.

Let's work together to make our school a place of pride, professionalism, and academic excellence!

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